The music industry has always been a rat race, with people fighting for the spotlight to earn their 15 minutes of fame at almost any cost. No doubt this is a complex subject to address and while it comes with a lot positives – it has it’s fair share of negatives and they essentially split into two sides.

Music progresses at a faster rate – birthing and killing off genres one at a time (is anybody still listening to Dubstep?) and music is more of a factory outlet than an art form, something which is becoming more and more prevalent as acts need to pump out music to stay relevant.

With all this noise, there’s a lot of space for artists to use this to their advantage, one of those being Irish-born London-based Barry Locke. It’s clear that he has a lot of music in him and has quietly taking his time with his craft over the past few years, channeling it and his life experiences into his forthcoming autobiographical album O N E.

Not one to hop on a trend for exposure, Barry takes a timeless approach that stays true to his Irish roots with his charming Irish lilt flavouring his cadence. You get tastes of iconic sounds from the past few decades as he wears his influences on his sleeves, but doesn’t let them define him by carving a pristine folk-rock niche for himself.

Latest release Home Is Not Your Enemy is well worth the listen with Barry’s vocals building an ear worm melody that’ll leave humming it all day, until you hear it again.