It’s always both refreshing and promising when an artist can work in so many genres and still retain a flavour so distinctly their own, and Florida born and raised Delia Dane has just that. Is it neo-soul, is it downtempo R&B or is it synth-pop? Her genre isn’t what defines her here, it’s her distinctly honeyed vocal timbre, her sultry swagger and unabashed step into the fore as next up.

We caught wind of her latest Kinda Nice and we were completely ensnared and mystified by it. Layers of vocals wash over you like a warm tide, with the synth work working in perfect tandem, calmly lapping at your feet.

Inspired to delve deeper upon hearing Kinda Nice we checked out the 2017 EP Paradise which brought us to the aforementioned conclusion of that she can turn her hand to whatever style she pleases and still ply us with the same majesty. A true undiscovered gem, but that’ll no doubt change very soon.

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