In a world where a lot of experimental pop music falls flat for trying too hard or taking itself far too seriously, there’s LIZ, who manages to bring the fun back to a scene that has started to feel a little deflated over the past few years.

Having recently been signed to the Jefree’s imprint of Diplo’s Mad Decent label, LIZ is the refreshing and modern pop songstress that you always wanted, dealing in pop and R&B flavours. What truly separates her from the pack is her influence from the music of the early 2000s, or as her Twitter handle refers to it, ‘Y2K’.

You may be thinking that reliving the sounds of Y2K is a little premature, especially considering that 90s aesthetics have just begun to see a revival in popular culture recently. Not too soon for LIZ however, as although these Y2K sounds have completely faded away into the distance, LIZ gives them a second chance with a sound that is reminiscent of artists such as Craig David, Destiny’s Child, Mandy Moore and Brandi, as well as any other pop artist you can think of from that era. It’s this that makes her music so exciting; it’s well-crafted nostalgia with a modern twist, with the perfect voice for such a venture.

If there’s any doubt about giving LIZ’s recent releases a listen, her label Mad Decent sum up her sound perfectly: “She effortlessly adopts modern R&B’s glossiest melodies and subtly infuses the streets to create tasteful post-ratchet lollipop sounds”.

Check out LIZ’s double A-side release ‘Hush’ below, and her forthcoming release ‘U Over Them’ on SoundCloud, both released on the Jefree imprint of Mad Decent.

For future releases and updates, you can find LIZ on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.