After garnering around 250,000 streams on the past three singles, Ksenia continues to bring the heat with her latest single “Fire With Fire”, one of the most powerful tracks on her discography characterised by poignant lyrics and a strong storyline.

Continuing with the set of top-notch music videos for the preceding singles, “Fire With Fire” comes with an expertly shot, directed, and acted film with reflects the events and inner thoughts that are detailed in the track. The imagery and physical acting between Ksenia and the abusive boyfriend from the song really drive home the dangers she details. It can be disturbing to behold but the stance Ksenia takes at the end will surely inspire many people facing a similar situation to arise and stand up for themselves because everyone deserves to be treated with respect and care. Be sure to watch the full music video and stream the other tracks off the EP below. 

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