In his own words, Guernsey-based producer Mura Masa is a “Young, English producer making fresh, exciting and intelligent experimental music”.

His sound encapsulates the direction that this EDM/trap music hybrid genre should be heading in, which is away from the carbon copy laser-y trap that Skrillex popularised with his ‘Goin’ Down’ mix of Birdy Nam Nam’s ‘Goin’ In’, and towards something fresh and original, as the genre has shown little progression since it took the EDM world by storm in the latter half of 2012.

Take his latest release for example, ‘Hustleblood’, it’s an exciting, hard-hitting, head-nodding lo-fi trap instrumental that manages to smoothly segue into some beautiful piano arpeggios that have never felt more appropriate.

My jaw fell to the floor upon finding out that he’s only 17, as his production and overall skill far outweigh his age and he’s been pumping out mind blowing hip-hop tracks for the past year or so.

2013 has been nothing but good to him; starting off with his self-titled debut EP released on breakthrough London label TrapDoor Records. His hard work continues to pay off with collaborations with the likes of Proton, Baltic and UK trap heavyweights Stööki Sound, as well as support from the likes of EDM-trap giants Flosstradamus and L.A. based record label and radio show, SOULECTION.

Check out Muramasa on Facebook and SoundCloud. His self-titled EP is available now on TrapDoor Records either for free via Muramasa’s website or on iTunes.