Coming all the way from the land down under are The Preatures, a female fronted five-piece who are slowly emerging from the Sydney music scene.

Having just released their second EP Is This How You Feel?, it seems the band have been hard at work shaping and defining their sound into something that will help them to break through onto the blogs and iPods of music fans around the world.

Their music takes the ever-successful pop/rock style and gives it a retro makeover, as if someone put an Australian Stevie Nicks impersonator in front of The Magic Numbers to form some odd kind of Fleetwood Mac tribute band (with a hint of ABBA and Kings of Leon thrown in for good measure). While this doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, the resulting music is pleasant and easy to listen to.

Their music doesn’t quite possess the memorability or lasting impact of the aforementioned artists (let’s face it, Fleetwood Mac are a tough band to be compared to in any situation), but it’s still very early days for The Preatures and they have plenty of time and every opportunity to further improve their sound and make it their own.

Watch the video for ‘Is This How You Feel?’ above, and check out The Preatures on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. They will be heading to the UK for a few shows in October, and their EP will see a UK release once a record deal has been confirmed.