SVĒ seemingly came out of nowhere. Well, she came out of Brooklyn, but that’s almost all anyone knows about the mysterious pop singer that caught the internet’s attention last month. With currently only one track to her name, it’s no surprise that the details surrounding her are limited. Now, at this point, you’re probably wondering what it is that can cause this much of a buzz around an unsigned artist who only has one song out? Well, the answer is obvious. It’s that one song.

Produced by Kyle Patrick, who won ‘Best Pop Song’ for his solo track ‘Follow Your Heartbeat’ at the 2013 Independent Music Awards, SVĒ’s release ‘Talking To The Walls’ is three minutes and forty seconds of chilled out pop bliss, with a chorus that will take up residence in the back of your head and refuse to leave. At first, it might give the impression of being just a simple track with a catchy melody, but you’ll find yourself going back to it over and over again and with each listen, discovering another layer of  instrumentation that has been so cleverly worked into the production. Each layer serves a purpose, adding depth to the track and combining to craft the perfect backdrop for SVĒ’s saccharine vocals.

As the track goes on, you start to conjure up cinematic images in your head and you begin to think how well this song would lend itself to a film soundtrack. Then you see the video, and realise it’s essentially been done. Written and directed by David Kruta and produced by Replicant Films, the video serves as a beautiful visual accompaniment to the track which cuts between shots of SVĒ walking out onto a jetty dressed in white towards a distant figure, and of her in a forest wearing a gas mask and a tattered tank top, tying bits of hair to trees as bait.

With such an impressive song to mark the start of her career, SVĒ has her work cut out for her. She’s given herself a tough act to follow, but hopefully this is just the start of something brilliant and we’ll be hearing a lot more from SVĒ in the near future.

Check out the video for ‘Talking To The Walls’ below.