The Cold Start’s music is very reminiscent of the first day of summer, so it’s not real surprise that these four lads from the south of England packed up their things and headed over to the sunshine state and made Orlando, Florida their home.

With their second EP Grateful Eyes, the band really embrace their roots. Laced with a pop aesthetic, ‘Love, Hate, Sunset’ takes the anthemic stadium filling choruses found in Britpop and the energetic instrumentation of punk rock and blends it into a captivating indie pop song.

The band’s cinematically textured songs have already found their footing in the world of television with an unreleased track ‘Dance Our Lives Away’ featuring on CW’s The Tomorrow People.

The Cold Start’s latest EP Grateful Eyes is available now through iTunes. The band will touring North America in late 2013/early 2014.

Check out The Cold Start on Facebook and Twitter. The summer soaked video for ‘My Dear’ can be viewed below.