100 Watt Horse is Atlanta bred George Pettis, who at first glance comes across as relatively quiet and unknown on social media, with a mere 340 likes on Facebook (at the time of writing), yet he very recently supported folk rock darling Kevin Devine at a show alongside Now, Now and Harrison Hudson.

100 Watt Horse has no debut release as of yet, but is touring relentlessly and has created an ‘Acoustic Alley’ video session with The Blue Indian which showcases two original songs. ‘If I Were An Ocean’ is a beautiful song with lulling guitar paired with full, deep vocals that easily draw in the listener and surrounds them with comfort and a homely atmosphere.

Meanwhile, ‘Tennis Shoes’ is an upbeat song reminiscent of spring. “Oh girl, can’t you see/You mean the world to me/I want to walk with you/Breaking in my tennis shoes”. The lyrics are sweet and catchy and are sure to have you humming it throughout the day. While not a complete dichotomy from the aforementioned track, it definitely shows 100 Watt Horse’s talent to create different tones and atmosphere easily with just an acoustic guitar and his full-bodied voice, something the world needs more of and will be watching out for from Pettis.

Check out 100 Watt Horse on Facebook to keep an eye on EP and touring updates and have a look at his acoustic videos below!

If I Were An Ocean


Tennis Shoes


Photo and videos courtesy of The Blue Indian