Coming out of Los Angeles, AWE is the most interesting new act to the EDM scene, releasing his debut EP Eagle Soul in early May, after spending almost a year teasing clips online and pacifying his loyal fans with a variety of remixes.

It’s hard to believe that the person behind this music is only 19 years old, as his complex production style and wide palette of influences begs to differ. Soon-to-be a household name, AWE has been making waves with his wildly interesting take on a large variety of genres. His ambitious and colourful sound demonstrates his willingness to go against the grain both in terms of arrangement and production. The results are powerful and melodic tracks, reminiscent of Rustie’s recent sounds.

Take the title track of AWE’s debut Eagle Soul for example, an amalgam of such a wide variety of influences that there is no discernable genre to the track. The same goes for the rest of the EP, it’s filled with euro-dance synth chords, glittering arpeggios and beautiful, yet catchy synth melodies contrasted with gnarly synth lines, powerful beats and intricate sample work sure to keep you interested from start to finish. It also appears that AWE has a soft spot for Trap music, as the EP is littered with it’s influence such as the 808 bass-lines found in the track YYY and the sparkly rolling hi-hats seen in Eagle Soul.

It’s likely that one of the reasons behind AWE’s fresh sound is that he’s constantly working, often teasing clips on Facebook, or uploading a new preview or remix to his SoundCloud.

Bass music producer and DJ, Plastician has taken a shine to AWE, often playing unreleased tracks on his popular Rinse.Fm show; of which AWE received a big reception, and releasing AWE’s debut EP Eagle Soul on his label Terrorhythm.

AWE is currently doing the rounds DJing in LA and making a name for himself around the world via the Internet, and is long overdue an explosion in popularity.

Check out AWE on FacebookTwitter and SoundCloudEagle Soul is out now on Terrorhythm Recordings.