Straight out of Liverpool, Jennifer Davies is saving the world one catchy, electro-pop song at a time. Fans may remember her from her early days with her band Soft Toy Emergency, who paved the way and shaped her, ready for this incredible solo effort.

The title track from her new EP, Lapse Of Time, is emotively empowering and very easy to dance along to. “You are strong, but I am stronger/ Follow me, follow me,” she sings, and that line alone is enough to put you in a great mood. The video is very clever, using an old technique that’s recently peaking in popularity again, the hyperlapse. (‘Lapse Of Time’ – hyperlapse – see what she did there?) Davies recently posted a mash-up of ‘Lapse Of Time’ with Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light,’ which perfectly showcases her talents, not only for live performances but also her ear for songs which blend beautifully together.

Ray Of Light X Lapse Of Time (Madonna Mashup)

‘Silhouette’ is another track which stands out. It depicts a relationship gone sour, but the memories of her partner are still “…haunting me like you’re still there/ And won’t disappear.”

There’s so much potential for Davies to take over in her genre. Dave Monks from BBC Introducing Merseyside has already championed her song ‘Can’t Get Used To Losing You,’ and with the video for ‘Lapse Of Time’ already premiering on Planet Pop TV, she could easily become the queen of electro pop. Yes, she’s definitely one to keep your ear on.

Davies’ new EP Lapse Of Time is available on Spotify, iTunes and as a free download from her website.

Lapse Of Time