East London based artist JRNi (pronounced Jay-Ar-Ni) is the new kid on the block. His eclectic mix of hip hop, garage and neo-soul is individual. In recent years, he has been proving himself on the live music circuit, honing his spoken word and becoming a music producer, while also releasing tracks and collaborations that grab the listener’s attention.

With an anticipated EP release date of early 2014, fans were left to wait with only his previous release ‘Onwards and Upwards’ (co-produced with singer Edison Blake) to satisfy their musical hunger. That was until the release of ’The Liquidator Flow’, a dark, heavy track produced by Raf Riley, which features on Raf Riley’s recent EP Now ’That’s What I Call Gangster Beats’.

This track really represents JRNi’s talent as a rapper, with well-executed flowing verses driving an eclectic accompaniment as far as possible, before dropping into a powerful chorus to get you moving.

It is undeniable that JRNi has talent, and that talent could really drive him further and help him to generate a much larger fan base. With his continued performances around the country, the anticipation for his forthcoming EP will build, and its release may be the tipping point for his artistic career. If he follows the path he is currently walking, there is no denying that JRNi will keep writing and releasing intense, sincere and emotional tracks which will hit big and get him to where he deserves to be. We just have to hope he does just that.

You can catch JRNi currently performing at shows around London and the wider nation, making his mark within the music industry, growing his fan base and working with a team of talented designers, editors, and musicians. Meanwhile, check out his websiteTwitter and YouTube, and have a listen to his most recent release with Raf Riley ’The Liquidator Flow’.