As arguably the most highly anticipated performance of the festival, it was always going to be difficult for The Rolling Stones to live up to the hype that preceded their headline slot on Saturday night. However, the culmination of an amazing live performance, a back catalogue of renowned hits, an enthusiastic crowd of over 100,000 fans and some dazzling pyrotechnics produced what was undoubtedly the best live performance that I have ever seen.

After returning to the real world, it seemed that those who watched the performance on the BBC were mostly disappointed with the quality of the show. It was apparent that aspects such as the sheer volume echoing around the Pyramid Stage and the passion with which the audience sung the lyrics in unity with Jagger were intangible for a TV audience, and the show just didn’t translate well to the small screen.  The relative exclusivity of being there only adds to the pleasure with which I will remember that night.

An honorable mention goes to Stornoway for covering Wiley’s ‘Wearing My Rolex’. After initially being booked to play Glastonbury, Wiley later declined to play the festival, as they wouldn’t meet his required fee. Stornoway lead singer Brian Briggs joked, ‘he obviously needs the royalties’ – a moment that summarised the spirit of the festival. Another event that should be mentioned was a secret set by Willy Mason in the Crow’s Nest stage to an audience of approximately 35 people. It was a delight to experience such an intimate gig overlooking the entire festival site in the glorious Saturday afternoon sun.