Tonight Blossoms play their NME Awards show at Scala, London. The show is a total sell out and there is nowhere to move within the decently sized room. Even the balconies at the venue are decked out with fans peering over shoulders to get a glimpse of the band.  When it was finally time for the band to walk onto the stage they enter to a hip-hop style track that rallied the crowd for their performance although this was such a hugely contrasting sound to the sound that the band have.

First track of the night was ‘Cut Me and I’ll Bleed’, a single released by the band last year. The crowd, although having no room to move, make the most of any space if available to bounce along to every psychedelic infused beat and passionate vocals of from frontman Tom Ogden. This continued on throughout even the newer songs ‘Smoke’, ‘Polka Dot Bones’ and ‘Across the Moor’.

The crowd are ever so enthusiastic in response to their performance and even get engaged in a rowdy football chant in the middle of their set that everyone participates in.  Although the band have an upbeat and cheerful sound to them, they bring out slower tracks such as ‘My Favourite Room’ that sounds absolutely outstanding in a live setting.

After a couple of tracks, the band go through the standard process of rallying cheers for the evenings support. This time however, was more emotional as Ogden requested that the audience cheer for Viola Beach.  The band were previously on tour with Blossoms at earlier shows until they tragically passed away in a vehicle accident earlier in the month. Blossoms however remain in high spirits and even honoured Viola Beach by playing a live recording of their set in place of the performance slot they were scheduled to play at. Tonight although Viola Beach were not scheduled to play,  Blossoms find a way to honour them nonetheless.  They therefore proclaimed ‘ this one is for Viola Beach and Craig Tarry’ before launching straight into their liveliest song ‘Charlemagne’ and the crowd erupt in a deafening cheer.

The audience do not hesitate one bit get off their feet dancing and singing at the top of their lungs in memory of the band. Their set being relatively short with only a performance of 9 songs is ended with a spectacular rendition of ‘Blow’ to end the night off. Blossoms are definitely one to watch, having also played an array of festivals last summer and their debut album will probably be one that will enjoy much success once it is released.