The Vamps are one boyband that doesn’t seem to get enough credit within media, while they’re in the big leagues and are extremely talented in the way of playing their own instruments, it’s safe to say that they aren’t played nearly enough on the radio. Yet somehow, they have garnered such attention that they are able to pack out an entire arena of screaming fans, both young and old – it’s true, it wasn’t hard to spot the mothers enjoying the show just as much as their kids.

Their stage set up is incredible but your eye isn’t typically drawn to the screen spanning almost the entire width of the arena, you’re drawn more to the charisma displayed by lead vocalist Bradley Simpson, who, despite seeming small in comparison to the size of the stage, commands it like he’s 10ft tall. He does, of course, hold the most energy and it helps to really drive up that atmosphere.

Something that has been prominent through this tour is that the band have been switching it up a little in an attempt to involve their fans a little more. With a nightly poll on what song they should play out of four options, for Newcastle Risk It All was the winner. There was also another competition which offered one lucky fan the chance to get up on stage with the band and it just so happened to be a Birthday Girl, who had an entire arena sing Happy Birthday before a quick snap. It’s straight back into the songs then and they’re solid, it’s catchy and pop enough to really grab their audience.

The only real downside is that they brought out a special guest Maggie Lindeman to sing on a couple of songs. For the first, it seems very much like she’s lip syncing and it’s more evident with the next song in how different she sounds. It’s not a good addition to the set, The Vamps sail on a high without the extra ‘help’.

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