When Adam Lazzara took the reins as vocalist of Taking Back Sunday back in 2000, everything changed for the band. Now, almost two decades later, Taking Back Sunday are still consistently pushing out consistently incredible records and touring with a one of a kind live performance.

While most other bands in their standing rely heavily on production values; heavy pyro, stage props and confetti, Taking Back Sunday would much rather focus on making sure their music translates well in a live setting. That’s not to say they’re not entertaining live, each member shows their own electric amount of energy and what would a Taking Back Sunday show be without one of Adam Lazzara’s signature mic swings?

Let’s not forget that heavy sense of nostalgia as fans who have grown up with the band get to relive the moments they got into the band while screaming the lyrics to that very song. There’s a lot that bands can learn from Taking Back Sunday, there’s no gimmicks or tricks, just a damn good live performance.

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