Following their ‘final’ show in November of 2014, Anberlin broke up. What seemed like a definitive end to the band, became less than when they announced their reconciliation and a tour for the summer. While the future is unsure for the band, one thing is for sure, fans were lined up at Boston’s House of Blues to enjoy this while it lasts.

Truly, as Anberlin launch into their first song of the night, it’s as if they had never left. They perform with such an unbridled passion, breathing new life into the old favorites that drove their band into popularity. Despite the time off, each member seems to work together with a unity that makes it hard to believe that there was ever a reason to break up in the first place.

Vocalist Stephen Christian is stuck with a permanent smile as he moves through each song effortlessly. He notes, in a small break, that Boston is a stop they had been looking forward to all tour and you can see why. Boston brings a special breed, the kind of energy that rivals many other cities just because the crowds are that much more intense. The hall is filled with die hard fans, packing wall to wall with sound as they sing every word back with such fervency. It’s exactly the type of atmosphere that feeds any live performer and motivates them to give 150% back. Anberlin do exactly that.

It’s bittersweet though as the future of the band still hangs in the balance. When the fun dies down and the last few songs are played, fans are left not knowing what will happen with Anberlin after this tour. However, if their performance is anything to go by, one would think they wouldn’t stop again anytime soon. For now, we can hope.