Over the past few years, bands of the 2000’s have tapped into the nostalgia market with 10 year anniversary tours and Blessthefall is another to add to the list. Witness, which was their first release to showcase their then newly adopted vocalist Beau Bokan, started off a new era for the band that pushed them further than possible with their debut. From start to finish, Witness was a delight of it’s genre, mixing clean vocals with the raw guttural screams of Jared Warth. Though they’ve since had a couple of lineup changes; losing original guitarist Mike Frisby and most recently original drummer Matt Traynor, there held a lot of promise for a playthrough of such an hugely influential album as Witness.

Fete Music Hall is set back aways in an industrial district, a hidden gem if you will, a venue that on the inside looks somewhat like a speakeasy. It’s a venue that has no idea what’s about to hit it as Blessthefall take to the stage. Their first track is the heavy intro to Witness, 2.0 which signalled the official point of change for the band and the place erupts in a chorus of; “Dead we’re not dead, we’re not like you said. We’re not dead, we’re not where you said.” The simplicity of the line is perfect for an passionate anthemic singalong and still flows as easily into What’s Left Of Me as it did ten years ago. It becomes clear as the band navigates through the album that they have developed as musicians, the songs sound much more refined than they ever were. It loses it’s grit in a way, sounding closer to the album than they did 10 years ago playing them on their first run of Witness shows.

However, it’s a treat to hear the songs from Witness front to back. The nostalgia is there, throwing back to 2009 but their music transcends the decade that it’s been since it’s initial release. In the crowd, it’s not just twenty-somethings that are screaming along the famous catch to Hey Baby Here’s That Song You Wanted, it’s teenagers too. That’s the beauty of music, it brings everyone together – regardless of age and it’s what makes this anniversary show so special.