Two flights of damp stairs to the Sound Control venue in Manchester with a bar on the left-hand side, towels across the water pipes, and a stage tucked away in the far right corner, with an intense atmosphere at the start of the evening, all signs pointed to an intimate affair.

Performing first as support were quirky five-piece psychedelic rock band Allusondrugs. Jumping to the stage and it looked like they gave themselves whiplash the way they were furiously head-banging throughout their set. Singer Jason Moules perfectly vocalised his grungy voice as he swayed his body and sung along to their 2014 song I Should Have Gone To Uni. Everyone slowly pushed forward as second support Tall Ships sailed on to the stage, hardware issues aside, a brilliant set followed with albeit awkward silences in between each song, but this was made up for with the band’s purely captivating performance.

The crowd waited with baited breath of the main event, anticipating the energy they would bring. Do It Together kicked off the set, as Singer Liam Cromby engrosses the crowd and left them wanting more. With tracks taken from the new album Ark and leaning on some old fan favourites, each song perfectly flowed into the next. We Are The Ocean could easily play in larger venues, point proven by the atmosphere and encapsulation of the crowd, jumping around and shouting themselves hoarse with their lyrics back towards the stage.

Ending their epic set with Chin Up Son, the crowd was glazed with sweat and steam rose from the crowd, Liam thanked everyone for coming down and the night ended on a high.