Years & Years have become one of the biggest bands in the UK in a very short space of time. From supporting Clean Bandit and headlining their own small venues, this synthpop group have climbed their way through the ranks and have jumped from O2 Academy Venues to the likes of Birmingham Barclaycard Arena in just six months… and deservedly so. Not only do Years & Years offer an incredible bout of uplifting pop, their ethos seems to be ladened in making people happy. Their honest lyrics give home to many LGBT+ youth as vocalist Olly Alexander sings unabashedly about boys. In particular, ‘Shine’, which was originally written about Alexander’s ex, also Clean Bandit member, Neil Amin-Smith, is now used as an anthem for those amongst the crowd who believe you can love whoever you want. Alexander holds a pride flag high and bounces proudly across the stage as he projects the song to the audience, all while confetti rains down upon them.

There was an introduction of a new song to the set, ‘See Me Now’ offers promise for Years & Years’ future in the pop scene. It falls in with their sound quite well and displays Alexander’s vocals beautifully, allowing him chance to show his versatility as a vocalist. As a single you can only imagine how quickly it would climb as everyone in the room has a smile on their face listening to it. In typical concert fashion an Encore brings the band back to the stage for a short while. This time they are joined by MØ, of Major Lazor ‘Lean On’ vocal fame, who is supporting them this tour for a quick cover of ‘The Boy Is Mine’. The song drags a little but it is quickly followed by King which uplifts everyone for one last moment of pure euphoria. Years & Years are definitely something special and one you don’t want to miss when they hit the tour circuit again.