It is absolutely chucking it down in Manchester and everyone has already rushed inside to warm themselves up with a pint before the show. It’s unknown whether or not there was supposed to be two support acts on before Wolfmother but the crowd weren’t disheartened by wait until 8pm for Electric Citizen come on stage.

The fantastic four-piece get into position and are fronted by female vocalist Laura Dolan, a sassy, energetic blonde that’s rocking a full denim jumpsuit. They offer excellent vocals, head banging, slick guitar riffs and wolf whistles echo around the venue. Laura proclaims that she’s ecstatic to be in Manchester as the band, who have come from Cincinnati, Ohio, are visiting the UK for the first time. The rest of their set was punchy and the vocals were quite Janis Joplin-esque, which gets the crowd riled up for Wolfmother.

9pm and Wolfmother incredibly cool strolling onto the stage. The three-piece Australian hard rock band kick their set off with ‘Victorious’ then jump straight into ‘New Moon Rising’. Shortly after getting a feel for the Manchester Academy 1 stage, they rock out to ‘Woman’ and blast out an insane drum and guitar solo. The crowd let out an ecstatic roar as they boogied along to ‘Gypsy Caravan’, with the psychedelic guitar and a drum beat that punched everyone in the heart.

“Take it away,” vocalist Andrew yells as the crowd start clapping along to the beat. Ringing ears and cheshire cat smiles were present throughout the venue as the Trio rocked their epic set to a close. Here is our exclusive gallery for the night!