Manchester is very well known for its music scene and tonight it’s an intimate little gig at The Deaf Institute just off Oxford Road, with Vaults headlining and Stealth as support.

Shortly after 8pm Stealth get on stage and do a quick line check before welcoming the crowd down to the gig. “Let me introduce myself, my name’s whatever you want it to be” this was perfectly fitting for the lead singers style of voice and personality because he could shift between a soulful vibe and rock & roll. The crowd are getting into Stealth’s sound just before half way through their set and the lead singer thanks everyone for being there, then takes his time to speak about their song Judgement Day which has been used in the Netflix original show Suits in an intense episode at the end of their newest season.

Everyone in the small pantomime styled venue is completely ready for Vaults to emerge through the smoke and onto the stage. The London trio started their set off with Cry No More and shifted straight into Premonitions, lead vocalist Blythe Pepino was wearing an obscure netted dress which was revealing yet elegant! She swayed around the stage, getting lost in the music and persuading the crowd to do the same, the venue was packed out a this point and a slow instrumental was underway. There is a wonderful quality about the band which is quite similar to Florence & The Machine, the slow but powerful female lead vocals and the psychedelic rhythm. Vaults are steadily becoming more established, even more so after getting one of their songs One Last Night on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack! Back to the gig, they finished their set off with Poison and Bloodflow as their 2 song encore which everyone was looking forward to!