It can be hard to find something special when quite often a lot of bands and their sounds blend together, making it hard to differentiate between what is good and what is not so good. Typically the perfect way to tell is through the live show and, as The Hunna’s 100 tour blew through Newcastle it was a little easy to tell that two bands in particular definitely offered something exceptional that would make for a memorable performance.

Starting the night is Blaenavon, a trio of youngsters with bright futures ahead of them. Their vocalist looks like he may have stepped right out of the 70’s and their music could probably be found playing at a hippie run festival somewhere in that era too. It’s a feel good kind of sound, the perfect combo for when you’re high on life and want to sway in time with a beat. Blaenavon’s energy is definitely more of this time, it’s more rock n’ roll with plenty hairography to boot. There’s something mystical about the whole affair, as if their music strikes something in you when you watch and a catchy repetitive hook helps to get those who had never even heard of the band singing along toward the end of their set.

100, The Hunna’s debut album, was only released in August yet this London band have achieved so much thus far. From US tours to huge festival appearances, The Hunna are well sought after in the world of indie alternative and it’s not hard to see why. They have an unusual sound, it has a distinctively indie sound but the vocalist of this quartet has a higher pitch to his voice than most. It fits incredibly well with the music they produce, giving it a more upbeat feel that translates impeccably in a live setting. They aren’t stagnant like some bands can be, they thrash and jive about the stage with reckless abandon showing that though their music is on the softer side somewhat, with melodies  free to bring all kind of happiness to their audience, they can still be gritty and rock out with the best of them. With tracks like You & Me, Bonfire and the hugely catchy Alive, The Hunna show that they are have an incredible sense of what plays well live. It’s no wonder that, with their dynamic stage presence that they have sold out for the night and have so many on their feet, unable to tear their eyes away from the performance. It can surely only be up from here for The Hunna, so if you missed them this time make sure you don’t next run.