Have you ever heard an artist come onto the stage and explain “this is what is must be like when people like sports.” No? Well according to Zac Farro, the audience were in fact that ready and raring for the show to start he must have felt like his favourite sports team were winning, assuming he has one.

The tambourine waving delight of Zac is miles away from the years spent behind the kit in Paramore. But something about being in complete control over HalfNoise oozes confidence infused with a sense of accomplishment. Their opening track, full of slamming tambourines on the cymbals and hip standstill dancing inspires the crowd to do the same. Then Zac finds himself back on the instrument it all started on, drumming away on such a small drum set, it’ll get you wondering how such a battering drum solo is possible.

Having spoken in interviews before about HalfNoise being essentially a one man band, the rest of the members relationships with Zac made it seem like one big jam session, except it was pretty darn good. While he does his thing up front, using his endearingly awkward yet charming characteristics in between songs to keep things going.

Before this toured kicked off, Zac explained coming to Leeds to practice for the tour and in a way “it feels like coming home.” Headrow House itself feels like someone’s basement, with the fairy lights and underground feel, even though you are in fact on the second floor. There’s no way of telling if HalfNoise is always going to be a ‘one man band’, despite having five members. But for now it works knowing Zac Farro at the creative wheel.