Only the day after their debut album was released upon the world, Vukovi are already chomping at the bit to get every last piece of it out there. Their setlist tonight, majorly consisted of tracks from the debut and regardless of the lack of familiarity during, the tracks brought striking hooks and alluring instrumentals to capture an audience who for the most part are some hearing the tracks for the first time.

From the huge aggressive pulse of ‘La Di Da’ to powerful yet smooth tones of ‘Prey’ this Scottish four-piece looked wholly at ease inside the Key Club. Vocalist Janine Shilstone dipping in and out of the crowd, continuously stealing fans phones to record herself and on one occasion jumping entirely into the centre of the crowd. Some fans were going as far as passing the band beverages, “What have you done to it?” in a teasing tone Shilstone questioned before drinking it anyway.

The way Vukovi made their set feel intimate and celebratory was quite the feat, even though they already had their album release set the day before, this set felt like it could be that. Don’t be surprised if you hear Vukovi’s name dotting about in the future, they are certainly the ones to watch.