The Australian groups’ Leeds show was recently downgraded to the Key Club, but it only made for a more impactful sold out return to the UK, and it saw them bring tracks from their new album Mesmer along with them. Since the appointment of lead vocalist Marcus Bridge back in 2014 they’ve grown into a completely altered band. But Bridge makes the old tracks his own like ‘Quantum Flux’ and ‘Dispossession’, his screams are pretty much on par with his singing voice and leave fans forgetting ex-vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes even sang them.

Apart from the stage being quite restricted, leaving one of the member stood being a speaker stand for majority of the tracks, did empty their live show with less energy than the crowd could hope for, but the audience made up for it. The small scale standing area made the usual crowd surfing and mosh pitting antics easy enough. Their 14 song set was over before anyone knew it, aside from the lack of production they probably wanted but couldn’t fit onto the stage they did the best with the space they had. We can only wonder what they had in store if the show had stayed at the prior venue.

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