Late last year, The Front Bottoms released another stellar offering with Going Grey and in turn, that prompts a tour, one that brought The Front Bottoms over to the UK, to showcase the new songs and blur them in with the old. What you’ll find from The Front Bottoms’ live set is that they’re a solid band, there’s a synchronicity that comes with having played together for so long.

They perform well, owning their craft and their songs as they translate it to a room full of fans, who are some of the more enthusiastic we’ve seen in recent shows. The Front Bottoms have this almost unexpected effect with their music, one that enthrals and coaxes the loudest voices from those who watch, it becomes almost hard to hear vocalist Brian Sella.

Perhaps the only downside is that throughout the set, the band are a little stagnant as they barely move from their posts by their mics. While it’s expected of Sella, there is still a lack of movement from anyone else and that’s where it falls a little flat. However, the atmosphere is enough for you to look past that. For that and the great music alone, The Front Bottoms are definitely ones you want to see live.

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