British-bred but American-loved glam rockers The Struts seldom play a show in the UK, so when they do make an appearance on home turf it’s not to be missed. This year they announced that they would be playing at KOKO in Camden, London; later it was revealed that this would be the release show for the band’s brand new single, ‘Body Talks’.

Hitting the stage at 8:45pm, the four-piece kicked off their set with one of their more recent releases, ‘Put Your Hands Up’. It’s clear from the very get-go why the U.S. welcomed the band with open arms – they’ve got the kind of energy and talent that goes far in the “land of the free”. What is confusing, however, is why it took the UK so long to follow in suite.

A handful of songs from the band’s debut album Everybody Wants kept the audience steadily entertained, but it was the performance of ‘Body Talks’ and another new song, ‘Fire (Part 1)’, that really stole the show. The Struts have released very little in the way of new material since they redeveloped themselves Stateside, so it was interesting to see where they’re at creatively years down the line from when they first started.

Lead singer Luke Spiller has been compared to a number of iconic rock artists, but in actuality he’s a star in his own right without being pegged as a “budget Freddie Mercury”. The way he commands the stage is mesmerizing, and as the band played through covers of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’ and David Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’, it was evident where his influences stem from.

The Struts closed the show with the classic ‘Where Did She Go’, and the crowd at KOKO was certainly giving it all for the finale – as were the band. From that, you wouldn’t think these guys were snubbed at first by their fellow countrymen, but in the last couple of years The Struts have managed to build a sizeable following. Historically speaking, for a variety of artists, UK music fans have jumped at the chance to get on board with what their U.S. cousins are raving about – The Struts are no exception, and now there’s no limit to how successful they can be.