For a man that claimed its not “in his DNA to be a solo star” Myles Kennedy looked well and truly content with having the spot light to himself, sharing his quirky little anecdotes in between songs and his happiness to be interactive with the crowd’s random chants of “it’s coming home”. When fronting a band, Kennedy explained how he’d have a drumstick go flying past his head when he spoke too much. Tonight however, there are no drumsticks in sight, just a bunch of guitars, a mic stand and a seat, all for Kennedy of course.

With a setlist that lived up to expectation, providing hits from the array of bands Kennedy has lent his skills too including; Alter Bridge, Slash & The Conspirators and The Mayfield Four and even managing to sneak an acoustic rendition of Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper’ in, there is nothing amiss from the twenty plus years Kennedy has been making music. The real heavy hitters come from Alter Bridge’s back catalogue; ‘All Ends Well’ and ‘Watch Over You’ highlight the essence of Kennedys voice, and showcases the Alter Bridge tracks in a much more stripped-down nature.

As for his solo work ‘Haunted By Design’, Kennedy worried it would be too country, but explained his wife liked it so went along with it anyway. It’s not the only track on his new album that brings different genres into play, even the album title track holds an oriental edge to the guitars, ‘Year Of the Tiger’ perfectly ends the show at where Kennedy is now, at the release of his first solo album, proving the charismatic frontman really can do it all.

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