If you’ve been out of the loop with As It Is recently, there’s been a significant change not only visually but musically. Gone are the plain white tee’s, Letterman jackets and converse, and have been replaced with an array of black and red clothing and as for vocalist Patty Walters, black eyeliner and lipstick to match. Musically their new album The Great Depression is heavier, darker and takes a look at As It Is’ perception of the social ill’s of today, and the stage production gives a gloomy atmosphere to match.

However still as charismatic as ever, Walters, whipping his microphone and jumping from one place to another like an energetic teenager. It seems The Great Depression hasn’t affected his bouncy stage presence and the tracks form that album proves just as dark alongside the gloomy, smoky stage.  Together with the new tracks, 2017’s album okay. shone through with a few gems of its own. ‘Hey Rachel’ and ‘Soap’, especially the latter still seems in keeping with the current stage style. ‘Still Remembering’ gave the audience a little breather, quite literally, as the fans in this pit sat down to enjoy the acoustic number.

But it’s the encore tracks that really amp up the heat in the form of, Dial Tones’ and ‘The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry)’. After a night of crowd-surfers and full beer cups flying over the crowd everyone in the stalls are probably a little damp and beaten up but that wasn’t stopping anyone for the last few songs. As It Is haven’t been afraid to talk about some hot issues on this new album and visually look like an emo revival could be on the cards. They’ve had a complete turnover of style musically and physically and have managed to bring their fanbase and more with them, with these venues being some of the biggest they’ve headlined in the UK, it’s nice they’ve got a big enough stage for Walters to swing his microphone as much as he likes.

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