The Key Club’s small, intimate nature makes for interesting nights. You never know if the crowd are going to topple over onto the stage or not. In this case it looks to be a very busy night for stage divers and given the lack of security, they just keep on coming. With the show being sold out, there’s not much room for anyone else at the very front.

In Her Own Words proved to be a perfect support for the Aussie group, they evidenced to have a core following already with their vocalist Joey Fleming spending the majority of time wedged into the front row of the crowd, who were fighting forward to get up close and personal. No surprise this carried on throughout Stand Atlantic’s headline set. Every so often a crowd surfer went tumbling into the mic stand or onto the floor. So much so that vocalist Bonnie Fraser had to move back into the middle of the stage to avoid any further collision during their new albums title track ‘Skinny Dipping’. But it was the last two tracks of the night; ‘Coffee At Midnight’ and ‘Lavender Bones’ that really amped up the crowd.

This being only their third time to hit these shores, a supporting slot on the latest State Champs tour and a space at last year’s Slam Dunk Festival, this is their first UK headliner. Leeds has set the bar high in terms of energetic crowd, so much so that the crew had to tell the crowd not to make their way onto the stage anymore. Not really listening, the crowd continued to make use of the fact there was no barrier and invade the stage. With only an EP and one album to their name, it ended up being an early finish on a Friday night with the Aussies only playing an hour set.

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