It’s painful to accept that every year that passes takes us further and further away from the glorious days of when Britain was ruled by indie bands. It was unavoidable; whether you were reading the NME or watching the latest episode of The Inbetweeners, these bands dominated and soundtracked people’s lives. For some bands, this was a short-lived affair, and their fall from grace was as hard and fast as their rise to glory. However, there are those that progressed, adapted and earned their rightful place in the music industry. It’s safe to say that Two Door Cinema Club fall into the latter category.

To accompany their new album False Alarm, the band have adopted a new look. They take to the stage dressed in smart, boldly-coloured suits, matching the bright red microphones, cables and instruments that adorn the stage.

The set is a comfortable mix of old and new material, leaning slightly towards their debut album Tourist History. They could easily have played the new album in full, but TDCC know what their fans want and are happy to give it to them.

The new and unreleased tracks were accepted as well as any band could hope for, with the crowd continuing to dance and doing their best to learn and sing along to the choruses. Their sound has continued along same trajectory as it has for their whole career, straying away from the classic indie rock and introducing more electronic elements. Both audibly and visually, this time next year they could be Kraftwerk.

For many, it’s probably fair to say that TDCC will struggle to reach the heights of their early career. However, that is probably less to do with their music and more about the events in people’s lives that they soundtracked. But, those songs will live on, and as long as Two Door Cinema Club keep playing them, people will keep going to their shows and they will keep having a great time.