It’s a chilly November night at the prestigious Brixton Academy, with never ending queues going all the way down the road, people waiting for the doors to open to the first out of three performances Imagine Dragons plan to play in front of the London crowds in this last week of the month.

The first support act, Australian indie band Atlas Genius, performed their upbeat electronic music including their well-known tracks ‘Trojans’ and ‘If So’ from their 2013 album When It Was Now, which got the energy flowing in the room. Second support act Dan Croll, an acoustic artist from Liverpool, came on stage and with songs like ‘Home’ and ‘Compliment Your Soul’, he is sure to be a hit on the popular folk scene.

The crowd erupted with cheers and applause as the headline act made their way onto the stage. Opening with ‘Round and Round’ (featured on their Continued Silence EP), the audience joined in with front man Dan Reynolds as this was just the beginning of what was to be an energetic evening of brilliant beats and fantastic tambourine throwing.

‘Amsterdam’ got people dancing around and continued to build up the audience’s energy; with Reynolds amazed by how well London knew the lyrics as he spent half of the time with his microphone pointed out towards the crowd.

A few songs later, they surprised the crowd with a fantastic cover of Blur’s ‘Song 2′, accompanied by a blinding light show, giving everyone an unexpected burst of nostalgia.

Their musical talent doesn’t stop at the high energy and dramatic drum beats. Halfway through their set they dedicate ’30 Lives’ to a friend of theirs, with Reynolds’ voice really standing out over the accompanying violin and vocal harmonies showing that these guys really know how to work the crowd and mix up the energy.

Later in the set comes the synth-heavy ‘Underdog’ and, with not long left to go, the upbeat ‘On Top of the World’. This fan-favourite gets everyone dancing, while the band display their impressive tambourine throwing and catching skills, and run around the stage playing drums.

To close the night, they played their massive single ‘Radioactive’, which had the audience singing the loudest they had all night. With incredible long drum sequences and amazing lighting, it topped the show off and really made it a performance to remember.

Of course, as we all know, artists always come back onto the stage after their supposedly last song. Their encore of ‘Nothing Left to Say’ ended the night on a high with an appropriately titled song. Imagine Dragons have taken the music scene by storm, and it is clear these guys are going to be around for a while!