With the recent release of their fourth studio album Cavalier Youth, which hit number 1 in the UK album charts, the Surrey quintet You Me At Six took to a small HMV store in Leeds, filled to the brim with three hundred plus fans, to promote it.

With the only thing to control the crowd being some beaming orange tape (their entourage trusting the crowd wouldn’t be too out of control) and a couple of security guards dotted at either side, the band appeared from a lift to the deafening screams of their dedicated fans. After singer Josh Franceschi began and even encouraged the shouts of ‘Yorkshire!’, they launched into a new song ‘Too Young To Feel This Old’, flowing easily into their recent single ‘Fresh Start Fever’. The one that really got the crowd going, with a singalong that was heard over the voice of Josh himself, was their slow classic ‘Stay With Me’.

You Me At Six 4

After this there was a pause, and while the band tuned their instruments, Josh warmed the hearts of the crowd with his speech about how far they’d come, giving a particular shout out to the town they were currently in and the label Slam Dunk Records that had signed them, which started it all some years ago.

You Me At Six 5

‘Cold Night’ prompted another sing along, despite how recent the release was, before Josh called for the crowd to get a little rowdy. Wanting to create that authentic You Me At Six show feel, he fully encouraged the movement of the crowd as they dove into ‘Reckless’ and the crowd was, of course, happy to oblige. A special moment came toward the end of the song, where the band were all smiles and silenced by the crowd singing the lyrics without the aid of Josh.

A surprise for fans and possibly a highlight of the set, was the unexpected rendition of ‘Underdog’. The room erupted, with the cheers of fans soaring over the music itself. Though the set was drawing to a close, that didn’t do anything to calm the energy of the place. They’d set the mood and they were to end on a high note, with their debut single from Cavalier Youth ‘Lived A Lie’ beginning to an uproar of screams.

You Me At Six 3

It’s no surprise really that You Me At Six are doing so well at the moment, playing venues such as Wembley Arena, they have really made a name for themselves. Though they have strayed slightly from their original pop-rock sound with their new release, they certainly don’t disappoint. It looks like You Me At Six are here to claim 2014 as their own and so far, if the crowd’s reaction was anything to go by, it looks like a goal they could reach.

You Me At Six go on a UK tour in March/April, with support from Don Broco and Young Kato.

Photos by Kelly Hamilton.