New York’s We Are The In Crowd seem to have made the UK their unofficial second home in recent years, if the extensive number of tours they’ve done here is anything to go by. On 10th February 2014, they took to the stage at KOKO, London – except it was a little earlier than expected. We Are The In Crowd’s bassist Mike Ferri flew on to the stage during support band Neck Deep’s set to brag about his score on popular iPhone game Flappy Bird. He was followed by the rest of his band and members of the opening band Saves Your Breath, who all took their chance to interrupt the set. There’s nothing like the traditional end-of-tour pranks, after all, and We Are The In Crowd have made a name for themselves in that art, over the countless tours they’ve headlined and supported on worldwide.

When the band hit the stage for a second time, this time for their own set, they were met with the screams of the teenage girls that make up a large chunk of their fanbase. The band’s upcoming record Weird Kids (reviewed here) is due out on 17th February, meaning this tour was the perfect time to showcase new tracks – much to the excitement of the fans, who have been subjected to countless tours featuring material from 2009’s Guaranteed To Disagree EP and 2011’s Best Intentions. Kicking off with latest single ‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)’, the crowd were already going wild for what promised to be a flawless set right from the start. Other new tracks that were premiered on the tour included ‘Manners’, ‘Windows In Heaven’, ‘Attention’ and ‘Long Live The Kids’, which the fans at KOKO had already managed to learn the lyrics of, proving them to be one of the most supportive fan groups.

Vocalist Tay Jardine’s energy is second to none, and there’s no doubt that she gave it all she could despite it being the last night of a very long tour. We Are The In Crowd are an incredibly cohesive group of musicians and their live show is proof of that; Jardine’s range fits perfectly with guitarist (and sometimes vocalist) Jordan Eckes’, and all five members work together in what is clearly a diligent unit. The band’s setlist was full of fan-favourites taken from previous releases as well as the new tracks, so when Jardine directed the microphone to the crowd she received the sound of fans screaming back the lyrics to her – it’s things like that which make a musician smile, and the grin on her face was proof of that.

We Are The In Crowd have unavoidably had to cancel the four European dates that were supposed to follow the UK tour due to illness, but the show that they put on at KOKO was a spectacular end to the tour even if they didn’t know it would be. The band finished off with older favourite ‘Rumor Mill’ before leaving the stage, and it was evident that the crowd they played to had fallen even deeper in love with the quintet than they already had been.