It’s been incredible to watch Saint Raymond’s gradual journey over the years. The Nottingham artist started out as an acoustic duo, before performing solo for a few years. It’s great to see 19-year-old Callum Burrows go from strength to strength in refining his sound by forming a full band behind him to flesh out his radio-friendly blend of indie-pop with poignant lyrics. With the release of two incredibly successful EPs (and a third one on the way), as well as constantly touring alongside the likes of Haim and Gabrielle Aplin, it’s clear that Saint Raymond is poised for enormity.

Despite technical difficulties that plagued their set from the start, the energetically claustrophobic set from The Mispers got the entire room dancing. Although there was a distinct lack of a bass guitarist and levels didn’t feel mixed properly, the band’s blend of toe tapping rhythms and gritty guitars really prove to be something original. The clear highlight of the set is the anthemic closer ‘Trading Cards’ which switches between delicate vocals into a roaring chorus which could fill up stadiums.

The uproar of teenage girls when Saint Raymond frontman Callum Burrows took to the stage was almost deafening, but strange to watch. Throughout his set, the smile couldn’t be wiped from his face, as the band tore into the latest single ‘Everything She Wants’ and the crowd sang back every word.

New song ‘Brighter Days’ slotted comfortably into the set, sandwiched between some of the band’s biggest songs. The song combines the afro-pop melodies of Vampire Weekend alongside the signature soaring choruses that Saint Raymond has become known for, and it’s almost guaranteed that ‘Brighter Days’ is going to be a huge breakthrough single this summer.¬†Ending the first portion of their set with ‘Ghosts’, the title track from the band’s upcoming EP, it’s truly a feat of incredible songwriting to see how much of the crowd pick up the infectious melodies instantly after hearing the song for the first time tonight.

After an overwhelming response, Callum took to the stage on his own to perform the delicate ‘As We Are Now’ which closes the Young Blood EP, a handful of the audience enthusiastically sing back every word with their hands on their hearts and Callum can’t keep from smiling, shy to react, but grateful for everything that has happened tonight.