It is Tuesday 8th April in the East End of London and it’s starting to get busy at Oslo. This new venue only opened 17th January this year, and situated next door to Hackney Central Station, you can’t miss it. Although it’s primarily a bar and restaurant, up the stairs is a 400-person capacity venue in which to enjoy a mixture of live music. The room is starting to fill up with people waiting for the first act to come onto the stage, and come 8.30pm, it kicks off.

The support act, Aquilo, came southbound all the way from the Lake District, having been named by The Guardian as ‘New Band Of The Day’ the week before the show. Their music is mellow, and they have ear-pleasing voices similar to that of The xx. Their style can be described as clean-cut and full of soft tones, with room for more of an edge which will come as they gain more exposure and experience. There is no doubt that these guys have great raw talent which will be snapped up by a record label soon enough. Their self-titled EP is available to stream on their SoundCloud page, with the track ‘It All Comes Down To This’ being well-worth checking out.


After quite a lengthy gap, Arthur Beatrice come on with a full band, including a violinist, and now the floor is completely packed out for the sold out show. Arthur Beatrice formed in 2010, consisting of the members Orlando Leopard, Ella Girardot and brothers Elliot and Hamish Barnes. With the bright lights shining out from behind them, there was an air of mystery about what the band have in store for the audience, the silhouettes of the band members exciting the crowd for the show they were about to see.

It seems to be the music trend at the moment to have female and male vocalists. Both Ella Girardot and Orlando Leopard seem to have fantastic, classically trained voices, which work in what can be described as an awesome, harmonious treat to the ears. Whilst listening to the live version of their song ‘More Scrapes’, it really shows off their talent in a very special way.

If you had only listened to them through Spotify and watched a couple of their videos on YouTube before this show, then you probably weren’t prepared for their energetic and dynamic live performance, with the crowd dancing, head-bopping and toe-tapping all the way through the band’s performance of ‘Late’. One thing about gigs that can be interesting is overhearing what other members of the audience are saying or commenting on. One comment was that Orlando Leopard sounds similar to the lead member of band Wild Beasts, which especially stands out in ‘Grand Union’.

Arthur Beatrice are artists, and if you are a fan of bands like London Grammar, then you should really see what these guys are all about as they are hot on the music scene right now. They are an absolute joy to watch and it won’t be long before they hit the big time. Their debut album Working Out is available now on iTunes.