Hailing from Hampshire, Yearbook kicked off the night at the Bristol that rounded off Lower than Atlantis’ Here We Go intimate tour in support of their upcoming album. The band, although not as heavy sounding as the others on the bill, still played a set that was enjoyable and upbeat. Definitely a band worth checking out, their live performance certainly suggests that they are capable of playing to much larger crowds in the near future.

Decade were up next and played a flawless set that effortlessly got everyone singing along and off their feet. Crowd surfing accompanied the splendid melodies and harmonies coming from the band’s performance and even during the slower songs such as ‘Fake Teeth’, the audience were raising their hands in the air to sway along to the song. The band ended their set with a brilliant performance of their single ‘British Weather’ that front man Alex Sears still manages to perform perfectly, despite his microphone being momentarily yanked away after becoming tangled with a crowd-surfer’s ankle.

After a good 20 minutes or so of set up, the lights in the venue faded and the audience eagerly anticipated the moment they had all been waiting for. Amidst the crowds’ unified chants of ‘L.T.A.’, the band appeared on the stage and begin their set with their latest single  ‘Here We Go’. Throughout their set, the crowd does not fail to sing their lungs out along to songs such as ‘If The World Was To End’.

Crowd safety seemed to be a priority for the band during their set, with front man Mike Duce expressing his concern for the safety of members of the crowd after seeing younger members of the audience being hit. The set most certainly did not lack circle pits, with Duce even orchestrating a gigantic pit that almost occupied over half of the tiny venue. Crowd favorites during the set seemed to include ‘Something Better Came Along’ and the band’s performance of a B-side off their second record.

The band really did seem keep to keep the crowd’s interests at heart and even attempted to play a bit of their song ‘Far Q’ at the crowd’s request, despite not being able to remember quite how the song went. Even with the band’s lack of an encore, they ended a well-executed set on a high note with ‘Beech Like The Tree’. All in all, Lower Than Atlantis truly managed to deliver everything a fan could want from an intimate show setting.