Think of one of the words that has been on everyones lips this summer.

 If your guess was teen J-Pop/metal infusion Babymetal, then youre spot on (no points for anyone talking about the potential S Club 7 reunion). The trio of girls whos average age is only 15 have managed to very easily take over the world in such a short amount of time, since the video for their track Gimme Chocolatemanaged to go viral on YouTube. Since then they have conquered Japan, and then went on to perform on the main stage at Sonisphere Festival. Not willing to stop there with wooing over the British metal scene, they took to the Kentish Town Forum, London to put on an intimate sold out show to the lucky few who managed to grab tickets.

 Many of those who made up the crowd with their mohawks and tattoos didnt look like theyd be interested in a troupe of teenage girls, but Babymetals unique style that fits sugary sweet vocals with a killer metal backing track is nothing to be scoffed at. The impressive stage show that they put on with mesmerising dance moves to boot didnt seem like it would fit on The Forums small stage, but when the three headed out in matching black and red outfits, it was clear they were going to make it work somehow.

 Naturally there was little-to-no verbal interaction between the band and their audience due to their English not being all that fluent, but they definitely made up for it with the spectacle that they put on, drawing every single person in the room to be involved. It was certainly a gig to dance along to rather than sing along, as there didnt seem to be a whole lot of Japanese speakers in the room, but the change from the usual scene did not go unappreciated by the packed out hall. The set list treated those in attendance to other songs the girls have released videos for, such as Megitsuneand Doki DokiMorning, before they finished off their main set with Gimme Chocolatewhich everyone seemed to know the words towell, they were making sounds that sounded like the words, anyway.

 There was a short, two song encore which at the end of saw the three teens flounce off the stage and leave the audience a little speechless at what they had just witnessed – an epic showcase of catchy songs, great dance moves and peculiarities which Japanese bands are quite famous for.