Blue inflatable chairs, naked crowd surfers, bouncy balls and the hottest guitar riffs around; there’s no mistake that this is a Catfish and The Bottlemen show. “You’re simpatico” the adoring crowd sing out, The Bottlemen singing the Festival Republic tent down at Reading 2014.

You will not see one band with this much energy anywhere else. They are literally explosive. The festivalgoers are infused with adoration, singing along to every song. When the band commanded “Everyone on someone else’s shoulders” fans dutifully obliged, creating an incredible sight.

Lead singer Van egged on the crowd, and even encouraged one crowd member, whom he had met earlier at the signing tent, to stick to his promise of getting up on someone’s shoulders completely naked. Van made sure security did not throw him out.

“You see, I was a test tube baby”; this band is something different, they are definitely the next big thing. Future headliners in the making and the devotees will be there for the whole journey.

They were truly overwhelmed at filling the tent with every single person singing along, with their debut album The Balcony not even being out yet! Describing it on twitter as “The best moment of our lives” if you were there, you know they meant it.

Catfish and The Bottlemen’s debut album The Balcony is available for preorder now.