“I wanna see how long I can last in this thing,” Singer Jesse Rutherford says, tugging on the black leather jacket adorning his shoulders. However it doesn’t last long as Rutherford sheds the leather a mere three songs into their set. All members of Los Angeles natives The Neighbourhood are donned in the same, black and white to fit the aesthetic that comes hand in hand with the music for this band.

A lot of the songs on the setlist for the night are mellow tracks, giving an almost dreamlike atmosphere, it doesn’t make for a lot of movement on stage but some amongst the crowd make up for it. ‘Let It Go’ seems to spark something in one couple who begin awkwardly gyrating, both with eyes closed as if they’re completely lost in the song. There’s no shortage of singletons doing a version of the same, partaking in similar solo body rolls with their drinks raised in the air.


A homage to their hometown comes with a lengthy introduction because for them, West Coast is best. There’s chanting of the phrase and appropriately named song title before they spring into the song, a chorus of cheers coming from the crowd agreeing over it. It’s a nice way the balance the versatility of the band, mesmerizing vocals set aside for the moment to showcase rap skills.

Of course the best reaction comes from probably their most well known track ‘Sweater Weather’, they saved their biggest crowd pleaser for the two closing numbers and it brings down the house of Academy 2, Manchester. Though they may not be the most active on stage, The Neighbourhood don’t disappoint. It would seem completely out of place for the band to be jumping off of amps during a song with a softer tone.


Everything just fits together, like a puzzle they’ve worked tirelessly at putting together. All the work for the music, the look, the tone, it works seamlessly and from their repertoire there’s something for everyone so all leave completely satisfied. It’s just a question of what the band will do next.