For a near-Winter evening, tonight’s gig at CF10 in Cardiff is swelteringly warm. However, there is a simple explanation for this; the triumphant return to their (almost) hometown for The Blackout.

Scottish six-piece Yashin (see our photos below!) are quick to hype up the crowd. Their enthusiasm is contagious and the only message they are radiating is how much fun they’re having. Quickly to follow are the mighty Blackout. They opened the show with ‘Wolves’, although a newer track, from the response received, you’d assume it was a classic. In fact, that was very much the vibe felt throughout the whole of setlist. ‘Start the Party’, ‘Higher and Higher’, ‘Shutthefuckuppercut’, think of any popular Blackout song, it was probably in their set.

What was most refreshing to see was the same amount of gratitude shown by the band as was seen in 2008. The only thing different about them is that they’ve grown even better, and this is sure to be the case for a long time to come.

Yashin  2 Yashin 1 Yashin 3 Yashin 4

Photos by Natalie Lam.