The night begun with a mellow acoustic performance by the talented Daniel Glover, who blew the relatively small crowd away with his husky vocals that accompanied the melodic tunes of his songs. He tells the crowd that he had recently been writing a lot of sad songs, but does not fail to include some more upbeat acoustic songs in his excellent set.

Shortly after Glover, Hannah Grace and her guitarist take the stage and play ‘Blue With You’, an absolutely stunning performance to initiate her set. Throughout her set, she is able to impress the audience with her powerful vocals that are truly flawless, with her ability to hold on to every high note she sings. She shows confidence and ease through her versatility, which she exhibits vocally throughout the set. She receives a huge round of applause after the finishes her final song, even though the room is still not very crowded. This was a shame due to the fact that those who had turned up later had missed out on two very excellent acts that are most certainly worth taking note of.

More people pour into the room for the main act SIVU, who released his debut album Something On High in October last year. He begins his set with his track ‘Sleep’ and it is easy to notice that he sounds exactly as he does recorded, which is extremely impressive. He follows this with an introduction to Lucy, who plays a variety of instruments throughout the set and adds her beautiful backing vocals to songs such as ‘God Speaks In Tongues’. SIVU’s set up for the show is relatively simple: only the two of them and some guitars, keys, and computerised drum beats that make up for the lack of a drum kit in the venue during the more upbeat songs.

James Page, who is SIVU himself, is full of talent – he shows a range of musical abilities to the crowd, playing guitar on most songs and keys on those such as ‘Feel Something’. Throughout the show, the atmosphere is very laid back and chilled. The tempo of his songs prompts fans to sit back, relax and take in the the beauty of the performance as opposed to standing around, which is not common at most gigs. Page also actively engages with the crowd by explaining quite a number of stories behind songs that he performs, such as ‘Cold Hands’ which he explains to be about being with someone for a long time, whom you both hate and love simultaneously.

After a solid selection of tracks, he ends his set with two of his oldest songs, ‘Better Man Than He’ and ‘Family Tree’ which had everyone in the crowd singing along. As the show came to a close, it felt almost like a spiritual experience; like an hour of meditation and reflection, the laid back atmosphere allowed you to truly appreciate and reflect on the beauty of the show along with everything that was occurring on the stage. Overall, it was an excellent line up and with fantastic performances from all those on the bill.