Rushing through the streets of Camden, dodging the rubbish swirling in the air from the busy day markets, avoiding the more interesting odd characters, diverting the dark corners, finally making it to the entrance of Dingwalls, hidden in the middle of a courtyard, we finally made it in time (just) to see the first support act.

Haunt The Woods, came across a little shy, despite that, they played very well! Generally the venue is not that busy yet, but the lucky people who were there early enough would have witnessed some great upcoming talent. Having their own individual look, some fabulous harmonising by the guys which accompanied the lead singer’s deep voice. This group are good, have real potential and would be great for an introducing stage at a festival or two. Keep an eye out for these underdogs!

Coming down from Manchester, Man Made were up next. Good fun alternative sound with a bit more cheeky charisma, really reminiscent of those bands you would hear on soundtracks for American teen films or TV shows. Sounded great but you just couldn’t take your eyes of the front man’s sequin jacket!  They definitely picked up the energy and had more banter with the audience, warming them up and getting them moving (probably a few drinks by now helped a little too). A memorable impact was made for sure.

Sunset Sons are here to convince the music world they are not the stereotypical cheesy surfer sound that people may think (their words taken from the London evening standard on Tuesday 10th). From Australia and the UK they have a good alternative sound which they deliver well in this packed out London venue.

Having only heard some recordings and their EP, we didn’t really know what to expect from their live vibe. Rory, the lead singer, sounds a little like front man Caleb from Kings of Leon, (think The Bucket rather than Sex On Fire). However they don’t sound like them. Sunset Sons have their own sound, sure they have taken influences from other bands but they make it their own. Jed, Pete, Rory and Rob perform well together and you can tell they are good friends and work well as a band. All different in appearance meaning they have their own tastes which they have clearly mixed together to treat us with their Sunset Sons sound. What they have is a real energy onstage and really appreciate and make the audience feel welcomed to dance and sing with them. Not just a band to go and watch, but a band you see really perform.

The popular ‘She Wants’, clearly a fan favourite got the whole venue singing. A fairly mellow and upbeat song, extremely catchy so getting to know the words wasn’t difficult to start singing along halfway through. A good thing to feel involved with the other fans in the crowd.