It’s not often at a show that the crowd is chanting the band’s name from the second the lights go down, most do it before the encore because they have to but the crowd in Manchester’s main Academy for Papa Roach? They just genuinely want to.


It’s safe to say that Papa Roach are long standing nu-metal giants, which can be seen by the moderately older array of fans splayed across the front barrier. They do however have a huge reach to all ages with how their sound has deviated and progressed incredibly since their formation in 1993. The youngest of which is a boy no older than 8 or 9, standing almost like a deer in headlights at the barrier. Yet as soon as the music starts, that seems to change, like everyone else he is straight into the moment and hooked into every line, note and beat that comes from the stage.


Two powerhouse tracks set the tone at the beginning of the set, ‘Getting Away With Murder’ and most the most appreciated ‘Between Angels and Insects’ which was made near impossible to hear over the insatiable roars of the crowd yelling back. One thing that has never wavered with Papa Roach, especially with performing older songs, is their undeniable energy. Their stage presence is infections, everyone spanning across the room is moving and all together it transforms tracks from the likes of ‘Infest’, making them seem almost brand new.


Though in the first half of the set, interaction between songs seems few and far between but one story stood out for the night, when enigmatic frontman Jacoby Shaddix decided he would reminisce on their last Manchester show. He recalled being told that Papa Roach had rocked the shit out of the crowd, lest be known that it had happened quite literally and thus came the divide of disgusted groans and bellows of laughter. They don’t primp and preach to their fans, something that a lot of bands seem to have taken upon themselves to do – what you get with Papa Roach are still as unique and striking as they ever were onstage.


Overall the set is filled with some of their best tracks from their back catalogue and most recent release F.E.A.R and draws to a close with three of their most popular – ‘Last Resort,’ ‘Scars’ and ‘…To Be Loved’, signing off in Manchester on an incredible high. Leaving their sprightly fans satisfied but still with a taste for more, but surely Papa Roach will be back around again as fortunately for all of us they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.