First up were Wilson, who were quite a “heavy” band to be supporting compared to Halestorm’s hard rock sound. They definitely got the crowd warmed up, especially with their cover of “Back in Black” by AC/DC (which was dedicated to Halestorm for having them on tour). By the end of their set, the singer had disappeared from the stage into the middle of the crowd, and the entire crowd were jumping up and down, headbanging and ready for the next support, Nothing More.

While there was enjoyment in the instrumentalĀ side of things, the vocalist’s style of singing was either a hit or miss. In fact, the only people who seemingly enjoying Nothing More were the people wearing the band’s shirts. Though they did impress the crowd with a “3 person bass solo” with the bass mounted on a stand, the atmosphere soon died down that Wilson brought up. Their final song also may as well have been 3 songs long, which got the crowd bored and agitated while waiting for the main band everybody paid for.
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Finally, it was time for Halestorm and the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. I actually had the honor of speaking to Lzzy Hale (front woman and rhythm guitarist) before the show, and she had a terrible cold and lost her voice, as well as having a runny nose. However, when she was on stage, there was absolutely no way you could tell she was ill.
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The band opened up with one of their most popular songs “Love Bites (So Do I)”, which had everybody head banging. Lzzy was still able to hit high notes with her cold, which made me realise how strong of a front woman she is. At every show on this UK tour, Halestorm were performing a “secret song”, Cardiff’sĀ happened to be a solo version of “Hate it When You See Me Cry”, which was absolutely beautiful to say the least. This then followed by drummer Arejay’s drum solo (which any regular Halestorm concert attender will know is probably the most fun drum solo you will ever watch) and new song “Mayhem”, had the entire crowd going insane. Finally finishing with the usual closing song “Here’s To Us”, the crowd had the lighters that were free to the first 100 people inside and phone screens in the air, which always puts a smile on the bands face.
Whether you are a fan of Halestorm or not, it’s definitely recommended to see them if having the chance. The last time we caught them in Cardiff, the crowd wasn’t very big, and in a matter of 2 years, they had sold out this particular venue. Halestorm are most definitely progressing to become an extremely popular female fronted band, and it’s safe to say they definitely deserve every bit of recognition they get.
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Review and photos by Georgia Brittain.