Young Kato have set off on a huge tour of the UK, playing a wide range of cities and venues promoting their forthcoming debut album Dont Wait Til Tomorrow that is set for release on the 3rd of May. Although the choice of venue was rather small, the band did not fail to make the show feel like a big deal. The guys made their entrance via the back of the crowd, which parted to allow them to walk through and on to stage. Their entrance was accompanied by impressive arena-like flashing bulb lighting that was a prominent feature of their stage set up.

The crowd were, without a doubt, thrilled that it was finally time for the band that they had been eager to see. Young Kato kick off with a dazzling performance of their captivating tune ‘Ultraviolet’, shortly followed by their song ‘Runaway’, which they explain was a last minute addition to their Sunshine EP that was released last summer.

Throughout the set the band heavily promote their new album and announced that they were to do an exclusive acoustic set after the show, performing three to four songs of the crowd’s choice, the catch being that the fans would have to pre-order the album at their show to gain entry. Despite the emphasis on new material, they did not neglect their older tracks that older fans of the band were anticipating. The band performed catchy older songs such as ‘Breakout’, which got the audience dancing and singing along to the bands tireless performance. Even for a band who are incredibly bouncy and bubbly throughout their set, they are surprisingly still able to slow down things for a short while with their performance of ‘Just Say The Word Away’.

The band describe themselves as being a band that enjoy “chanting and singing”, and urged the crowd to do so through their set. The attendees are excellent in fulfilling this request throughout Young Kato’s new single ‘Children Of The Stars’ and their older song featured on the show Made In Chelsea, titled ‘Drink, Dance, Play’ —  certainly a crowd favorite. Their set ended with ‘Sunshine’ and an explosion of confetti, which many were not expecting at such a small show, but the band had put on a magnificent set that was worthy of being played at a much bigger venue. The crowd left with increased anticipation of their debut album that is most likely going to be a hit, and the anticipation of their next tour, which they hinted will be in September.