Starting the evening, London based all female trio Peluché certainly entertained the Manc crowd with their rockabilly bass lines and harmonic vocals; about 80 people were stood in front of the stage observing them as they jammed out. Taking into consideration that there are only three of them you would assume there would only be drums, a lead singer/guitarist and a keyboard player but I was mistaken – Peluché used a second guitar, a Kaoss pad and what looked like an oboe between them, so you can imagine the type of sound these talented young girls were dishing out to the crowd. ‘Ohio’ had to be the standout song of the set with eight quick symbol crashes and a bass line that coupled together perfectly.


A well-timed and choreographed dance at the start of Darwin Deez’s set was just a taster of what was to come of the night at Manchester’s Sound Control.

A Darwin Deez show wouldn’t be complete without a creative dance interlude including the like “heads, shoulders, knees and toes”, before settling back into an instrumental track as the band resume their positions. They kick the set off with ‘Constellations’ and flow gracefully into ‘Lights On’, the 80s-style bubbly-pop riffs and summery guitars that brings an almost nostalgic sensation to the crowd.


You could close your eyes and just listen to the band and know how happy they are to be on stage. The quick, upbeat indie noises that bellowed out of the speakers and into the crowd were intense and uplifting. Darwin Deez have an excellent stage chemistry and work together like a well-oiled pastel coloured machine and this is reflected in their stellar performance.

Darwin Deez 3

Continuing with four catchy new tracks from their new album Double Down they pleased the crowd by pulling ‘Radar Detector’ and ‘Bad Day’ out of the bag of goodies for those who have been living under a rock or just haven’t had a chance to lap up the fresh tunes that have been presented to the world.

You’re missing out if you’ve never had the chance to witness either of these bands live, and if you don’t have the chance, giving them a listen will undoubtedly brighten your day.


Photos by Holly Mason.