Walking down the corridor towards the muffled sounds of a riotous audience and a heavy bassline, I realised the only way I’d be able to reach the photo pit in front of the stage was by dancing past people; tapping them on the shoulder just wasn’t going to have any effect.

Upon entrance to the room, the light show was overwhelming. With some persuasion from Major Lazer creator Diplo, members of the audience were taking off their shirts and whirling them above their heads as waves of bass rippled through the Academy and everyone present.

Major Lazer 4

In an effort to rouse the crowd, Major Lazer blasted out chart classics including Justin Bieber, Dr. Dre and Tove Lo. A heavy dubstep beat sent the crowd into a wild thirty-second skank, building up to an intense drop of Major Lazer’s hit tune ‘Get Free’.

Major Lazer 3

Later on in the show, Diplo appeared on stage with what seemed to be a large plastic sheet. As he climbed inside and it began to inflate, it became clear that it was in fact a giant ‘zorb’ ball! Revelers threw their hands up like a Mexican wave of bass junkies to support the L.A. DJ in his human hamster ball. The satisfaction derived from touring the world, being around this many people having this much fun was evident in the artist.

Major Lazer 2

Walshy Fire and Jillionaire later joined Diplo, introducing four dancers onto the stage: the dancers were a teenage boy’s daydream, parading raunchily around the stage in skin tight clothes and finishing their performance with a freestyle dance off.

Major Lazer 6

Having never been to a ‘DJ’ show on this scale before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, having seen Major Lazer, one thing is certain: these guys know how to please their audience. Throughout the show smoke cannons and streamers enveloped the stage and the front rows of the audience. Waving a giant flag adorned with the title of their most recent album Peace Is The Mission along with huge LCD screens flashing Major Lazer’s name and videos of cartoon women twerking, the climactic of the night was just as rowdy as the beginning!

Major Lazer 5