It seems like it was only yesterday that Purity Ring embarked on their ‘Another Eternity’ tour in the UK, however it was a full six months ago, back in May. This time, the band have chosen to only play a select few cities. The band were supported by american act Empress Of, who possessed a hypnotic quality to their music, utterly mesmerising the audience throughout their performance. Singer Lorely Rodriguez brought chills to the room with her haunting yet dreamy vocals mixed carefully into melodies that cross a variety of genres. The act ended their set with their track ‘Kitty Kat’ setting the tone for the rest of the night.

After a bizarre interlude consisting of hip-hop, indie and witch house tracks, Purity Ring quickly took to the stage. The once drawn-back curtains of LED lights that hung from the ceiling were unleashed creating a sea of lights that ran through a gradient from pink to purple. Positioned in the centre of the stage is the band’s version of a drum set up – instead of the traditional kit, the band use diamond shaped drum/synth pads that glow when struck.

Purity Ring begun their set with ‘Stranger Than The Earth’ before moving swiftly onward to other popular tracks such as ‘Heartsigh’ from their latest album Another Eternity.  The band do not neglect to treat their older fans to live renditions of older songs such as, ‘Obedear’, ’Lofticries’ and ‘Belispeak’.  Purity Ring, have a solid stage presence and singer Megan James freely frolics through the sea of colourful lights hanging from the ceiling, belting out every single lyric with the same carefree attitude.

What makes Purity Ring’s shows so unique is not only the band’s theatrics, but also the fact that there is just no set pattern to the order of their tracks. The band do not methodologically think about grouping tracks of similar tempos or albums together. The band just simply mix it up— which surprisingly works very well. Instead of anticipating when the band would play a slower song such as ‘Lofticries’ for example, their approach to arrangement just allows for surprise and enigma throughout making a pleasant and refreshing experience.

The band stick strictly to their ethos of not playing any encores, although their performance of ‘Fineshrines’ and ‘Begin Again’ create a large enough of an uproar throughout the crowd to serve as one. The night ends on a hilarious note with James diving into the crowd during ‘Begin Again’ only to find herself stuck in the crowd, begging the audience to transport her back to the stage long after the last beat had been played. Once again, the Canadian duo delivered a moment of escapism for the audience into the dream-like fairytale world that is a Purity Ring concert.